#god this broke me #it must have felt like the biggest slap in the face because: #castle’s being a jerk to prove something to himself and beckett has no idea #but how in the world can she kate even TRY to tell him how she feels… #when she now thinks castle wouldn’t WANT to be with her because she IS complicated. #and neither of them is wrong #yes castle’s behaving childishly but he’s busy trying to prove he doesn’t need beckett #but he’s also not telling her WHY he’s shutting her out because he thinks that would only cause him more pain plus he’s still busy hiding… #in denial. #MEANWHILE #beckett has no idea that he already KNOWS that she heard him say i love you #so she’s trying to work out why he’s pulled a complete 180 #and NOW because castle’s off hiding in denial because he himself has no idea how beckett feels about him… #beckett is assuming that that’s what he wants #and how do you then say oh btw i like you a lot and wanna make out with you on your face? #it’s hard enough without her now believing that he doesn’t want someone as complex as her. #AND NEITHER OF THEM KNOW #so they’re both just acting off of misinformation #and i hurt so much for them but at the same time i love how wrong footed they both are #because it’s stirring the pot and it’s forcing them out of their safety zone where they’ve both been so comfortable. #and you can see it all coming to a head because there’s nowhere else left to go #they can’t go back #and that’s what’s so exciting about this arc.

#and this castle hurts me so much more than angry castle #this castle who is showing NO emotion towards her at all#at least the anger is easier to take because you can see how much he’s still feeling everything #but these moments where he’s just talking to her like she could be anyone #no bitterness or sadness or snarky comments #there’s just.. nothing#like he really has flipped a switch and turned it off #props to nathan because I think he’s been creepy great #without even having to act angry #just the simple lack of affection and warmth in the way he looks at her and talks to her is enough to completely change his demeanor #I love you both and your complicated stupidity

aaaand this is why i love tags.

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    he drove the dagger in there but never had the guts to confront her. He isn’t good at that.
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    "She’s fun…and uncomplicated. I think that’s what my life needs right now." At that, she turned her face away, stunned....
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