Stana Katic - Game of Thrones season 3 premiere

You cannot touch your hair like that. No.
(Can’t handle that.) 

Ok, I just…how a human being could be so perfect?


Yeah, i’m talking about her:

Stop, Stana… I’m serious here, your perfection is killing me. Ugh. I love you though.

SERIOUSLY! Leave some pretty for the rest of us!

she is flawless though.

Oh, so many layers to the Beckett onion, how ever will you peel them all.

“Once you made that comment about my mom enjoying baseball.. I knew we were about six months away from joking about that, something had to be up.”


A jewelry? I never would thought of that.

I hope Castle spent 12 grand on Kate just for her birthday. 

Oh Beckett you’re just the best at dropping subtle hints…

And every glance is killing me. Time to make one last appeal for the life I lead.

castle + beckett + bed + kissing



She’s repaying him for those 100 coffees.

97 more

There was a total role reversal here..

I love the look of shock and slight confusion on Castle’s face in the 4th gif because he’s not used to this. Then you see Beckett’s face almost telling him “Hey don’t be so surprised it’s the least I can do we’re in this together now” and then to top it off that last gif he’s like “Aw for me? You shouldn’t have” ;)

we’ll continue to be amazing

we’ll continue to be amazing

The best facial expressions of the episode. Hands down.

All the times they were incredibly adorable this episode :)


“rick, she’s even prettier than you said”
“she’s the best” “so you keep telling me”

#you know this makes me want to cry because he talks about her with other people #like #even when she’s not with him she’s all he can think about